VapirRise Vaporizer Review

The VapirRise works through the use of stainless steel cased heating chamber with an internal fan in order to create pure convection vapour. You will need to preheat this unit before each use and set the temperature to 190 degrees Celsius, fan setting to minimum and let the unit run for about 3 to 5 minutes.

There are few different heating chambers top choose from for user customisation. Whilst your unit is preheating, pack your ground plant matter into the removable chamber. One the unit has reached the temperature; click the chamber in place and you can begin vaping.

The Rise is well built with high quality components and materials. The unit features a unique LCD touch pad display which is user friendly. There is a variety of accessories to choose from to customize the vaporizing experience.

LCD touch pad

You will get a flavourful vapour from the Rise. The Rise offers temperatures that reaches 204 degrees Celsius and offers the best tasting vapor at this temperature. The vapor is also light.

In the initial setup you will need some organisation because of all the parts; however it is to set up. The two large fan and temperature buttons on the display are easy to understand. Also the operation and maintenance of the unit is easy.

The Rise also has no glass components. Instead the unit uses surgical grade stainless steel which does the job and is more robust.

The Rise has ok temperature flexibility and with the LCD display touch pad you can adjust the temperature to the exact degree. The maximum temperature is 204 degrees Celsius so you will not get the full range of vaporizing temperatures. The vapour though that is produced at this maximum temperature is light and flavourful.