Alfa Vaporizer Pros and Cons

The Alfa Vaporizer is by Goboof and is one of the newer portable vaporizers.

The Alfa vaporizer is an herbal vaporizer that provides a good vapor. The vaporizer is able to produce large vapor clouds with a potent hit. The flavor and the smoothness are pleasing at first, but it does run hotter and harsher towards the end of your session.


It is not that easy to load the Alfa and it is a good idea to get a vaporizer cleaning brush to help get the herbs into the chamber. Once the chamber has been loaded it takes about a minute for the Alfa to heat up and ready for use.

The Alfa is a handheld device that is portable and small enough to fit in your pocket.

The Alfa offers users flexibility and is simple to use. The vaporizer offers good results whether you take short or long draws. The chamber can be packed to the fullest or can be packed half way.

The Alfa allows you to choose the perfect temperature to suit your taste. The Alfa has three heat settings, but also offers two automatic settings. The Automatic by Puff will increase the temperature a little every time you draw. Automatic by Time will increase the temperature over every 20-minute period.

Alfa Vaporizer Pros

  • Produces good quality vapor
  • Flexibility over long and short draws and chamber can be filled with as much or as little you want.
  • Compact design
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Pass through charging

Alfa Vaporizer Cons

  • Long charging time
  • Short or light draws are not always detected in automatic mode
  • Vapor can become harsh or lose flavor at the end of a session
  • Hard to load small chamber

The Alfa Vaporizer from Goboof is a good herb vaporizer that is portable. It is perfect to use at home or when you are out and about. The Alfa offers more flexibility than other portable vaporizer, which is nice. You have control over your draws, your temperatures and how much material you want to load. The Alfa Vaporizer overall performs well and is a good vaporizer for its price.