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AroMed 4.0 Review


AroMed 4.0 Review

The AroMed 4.0 vaporizer is a table top vaporizer, which is not portable, but it is digitally controlled and is a highly accurate convection unit.



AroMed is an experienced company that has been in the vaporizing market for 14 years.

The AroMed 4.0 is a water percolation unit and uses a halogen bulb which creates some tasty and cool vapor.

The AroMed gets its heat from the UV free halogen bulb that is low energy, efficient and also provide quick heat up time.

At the back of the main box is the bulb which is part of the glass bowl and water filtration unit. The digital controls and temperature read out are at the front of the box. These parts are well built and sturdy.

The temperature readout is a seven part display and the main box is a pale metallic where the hoses attach.

When it comes to the hit, the AroMed 4.0 delivers. The precision control of the vaporizers halogen bulb can be turned down in small increments. The temperature readout also tells you the heat of the plant matter inside the bowl and not the heating element. This ensures that the whole system stays within degrees of accuracy.

The bulb is efficient and fixed above the bowl, which means that it only vapes when air is moving through the mouthpiece.

The water filtration doe smoke a difference, whether the vapor is filtering through the built in water chamber or through an attached ROOR Icemaster. The water is help to keep down dust and herb particles and any carcinogens are dissolved from accidental combustion.

Overall the build quality of the AroMed 4.0 is excellent, but it doesn’t look that great. The vapor that you receive is great. The only thing with the AroMed is that it is an expensive unit, but you are getting quality.


A Review of the Herbalizer


A Review of the Herbalizer

One vaporizer that is making waves in the market is the Herbalizer which is a desktop vape that has a dual function vape. This means that it can be used with either a balloon or with a whip. The Herbalizer outperforms almost every vape that is currently on the market in terms of both bag and whip modes. The Herbalizer also uses less material then other vapes which will then save you money in the long run.



The Workings of the Herbalizer Vaporizer

The Herbalizer is a simply to use vape. In order to turn it on you just need to open the device. When you have opened the unit, you will see that it splits into two separate internal parts. There is an aromatherapy part and the other part is for normal vaporization.

You will then need to choose which mode you are going to use. You will find that you will probably use the vaporization mode more often as this is the normal mode for vaping your herbs.

With the vaporthreapy mode there are only two or three settings you will use. You can use the whip mode by attaching the whip or you will use the fan so that you are able to fill up the balloon.

The freestyle mode is the third and this is where you will basically hook up the device like you are going to fill a balloon, but you will not attach a balloon. Turn the fan on and you are then able to fill a room with the vapor.

To activate either mode, you will need to load the chamber with your choice of herb, select the vaportherapy mode and then choose either whip or bag mode, and set your temperature. You will then either attach the whip or bag depending on the mode and you are ready to vape.

The Herbalizer also has a smaller chamber then most desktop vapes and it is also the first vape that uses a halogen light bulb to heat the herbs. The halogen bulb heats ups quickly and it will reach your set temperature in just five seconds. The temperature is also maintained easily which means that you know that your vapor is always at the right temperature.

If you wish to use the aromatherapy mode then you just select this mode and load up the aromatherapy pad that comes with device, close the unit and its ready.

The vapor quality is equal to that of the Volcano but it is able to do so much more than the Volcano. The Herbalizer is also smaller than most desktop vaporizers and does not look like your typical vaporizer.