Omicron 2.5 Vaporizer Review

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The Omicron 2.5 is a pen style concentrate vaporizer. The Omicron has been re-designed with a waterproof aircraft grade aluminum body and mouthpiece. The Omicron is a highly durable with a durable connector.

The Omicron comes in a cool case when you get it.

omicron vaporizer

The vape has been designed to be used with concentrates like oils and waxes. You are then not able to use any type of plant matter with this vaporizer pen.

The vaporizer feels like it is made well and out of high quality materials.

The battery can be removed from the Omicron and you will receive a wall charger so that you can charge the battery.

One of the trickiest parts of this vaporizer is actually getting your concentrate into the cartridge. You will need to fit the filling tool on top of the cartridge and then put your oil and start to heat the bottom half.

As the metal begins to warm, your oil will start to run down into the cartridge. The cartridge is able to fit 1.0 grams of oil, but it is advised to only use 0.5g for the best result and so that it does not leak out.

In order to get a good amount of vapor you will want to take slow and long draws. You should get about 300 to 400 puffs per 1 gram of concentrate on a single charge.

The cartridge that you get is 2.4 ohm, but if you want a stronger draws then you can get a cartridge that is 1.5 ohm. This uses more power and will get hotter so that the oil is heated faster and you will get a stronger vapor.

The Omicron 2.5 is a great pen vaporizer that is great to take around, just be careful when it is in your pocket as it might leak.




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