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Alfa Vaporizer Pros and Cons


Alfa Vaporizer Pros and Cons

The Alfa Vaporizer is by Goboof and is one of the newer portable vaporizers.

The Alfa vaporizer is an herbal vaporizer that provides a good vapor. The vaporizer is able to produce large vapor clouds with a potent hit. The flavor and the smoothness are pleasing at first, but it does run hotter and harsher towards the end of your session.


It is not that easy to load the Alfa and it is a good idea to get a vaporizer cleaning brush to help get the herbs into the chamber. Once the chamber has been loaded it takes about a minute for the Alfa to heat up and ready for use.

The Alfa is a handheld device that is portable and small enough to fit in your pocket.

The Alfa offers users flexibility and is simple to use. The vaporizer offers good results whether you take short or long draws. The chamber can be packed to the fullest or can be packed half way.

The Alfa allows you to choose the perfect temperature to suit your taste. The Alfa has three heat settings, but also offers two automatic settings. The Automatic by Puff will increase the temperature a little every time you draw. Automatic by Time will increase the temperature over every 20-minute period.

Alfa Vaporizer Pros

  • Produces good quality vapor
  • Flexibility over long and short draws and chamber can be filled with as much or as little you want.
  • Compact design
  • Multiple heat settings
  • Pass through charging

Alfa Vaporizer Cons

  • Long charging time
  • Short or light draws are not always detected in automatic mode
  • Vapor can become harsh or lose flavor at the end of a session
  • Hard to load small chamber

The Alfa Vaporizer from Goboof is a good herb vaporizer that is portable. It is perfect to use at home or when you are out and about. The Alfa offers more flexibility than other portable vaporizer, which is nice. You have control over your draws, your temperatures and how much material you want to load. The Alfa Vaporizer overall performs well and is a good vaporizer for its price.

Storz and Bickel’s Crafty Vaporizer


Storz and Bickel are known for creating the Volcano and the Plenty vaporizers and now they also bring us the Crafty portable herbal vaporizer.

The Crafty is made with the same precision and quality that we would expect from this company.

The feel of the Crafty is well made with the outer case made from a type of rigid plastic that is vented.

The mouthpiece is external, which isn’t ideal, but it’s easy to wipe. The mouthpiece actually swivels out when you want to use it and goes back when you are done.

crafty vaporizer

The Crafty has an internal lithium ion battery that is rechargeable. When the battery is drained it only takes 2 hours to fully recharge. You will then get about 45 minutes of use. This usage is on the low end and is not that impressive, but it’s still ok.

The Crafty also has a pass through charging so at least you can use it, whilst it’s charging. The battery will need to be charged to about 20% though before you can use it.

The charger for the Crafty uses a micro USB adapter so you able to buy extra if you need to.

The Crafty has an auto shut off, which is meant to conserve battery power. The Crafty will automatically turn off after just a minute of inactivity. The Crafty will vibrate though to let you know that it is shutting off and there is also a blinking LED light. Once the Crafty has shut off, you will just need to hold the power button for 2 seconds and it will go back on to the previous temperature setting in just a few seconds.

When you turn the unit on and off the Crafty will also show you how much battery power is left through a blinking blue light in various speeds.

In order to use the Crafty you will need to unscrew the top part do that the herb chamber is exposed. Load up the chamber and screw it back.

The herb chamber is able to hold 0.3 grams. There is no need to grind your material super fine in order to get a great vape.

The filling tool attaches to the top of the chamber so that you can pack your herb chamber neatly and easily.

Once you have filled your chamber, attach the top part with the mouthpiece and turn it on.

The portable vaporizer will then vibrate and the lights will blink. The LEDs will turn red that indicates that the unit is heating up. After a minute or so the unit will vibrate again the light goes green to show you the temperature has been reached.

There are two temperature settings, the normal and the boost mode, the boost mode is activated by pressing the power button twice when it’s on and the unit will heat to its highest temperature.

There is also an app for the Crafty, which allows you to control specific control for the vape. You are able to change the default temperature setting, the brightness of the LED lights and it can tell you the real temperature of the vaporizer when it is on.

The Crafty is a great vaporizer that can fit into your pocket with a great build, performance and vapor quality.

Omicron 2.5 Vaporizer Review


The Omicron 2.5 is a pen style concentrate vaporizer. The Omicron has been re-designed with a waterproof aircraft grade aluminum body and mouthpiece. The Omicron is a highly durable with a durable connector.

The Omicron comes in a cool case when you get it.

omicron vaporizer

The vape has been designed to be used with concentrates like oils and waxes. You are then not able to use any type of plant matter with this vaporizer pen.

The vaporizer feels like it is made well and out of high quality materials.

The battery can be removed from the Omicron and you will receive a wall charger so that you can charge the battery.

One of the trickiest parts of this vaporizer is actually getting your concentrate into the cartridge. You will need to fit the filling tool on top of the cartridge and then put your oil and start to heat the bottom half.

As the metal begins to warm, your oil will start to run down into the cartridge. The cartridge is able to fit 1.0 grams of oil, but it is advised to only use 0.5g for the best result and so that it does not leak out.

In order to get a good amount of vapor you will want to take slow and long draws. You should get about 300 to 400 puffs per 1 gram of concentrate on a single charge.

The cartridge that you get is 2.4 ohm, but if you want a stronger draws then you can get a cartridge that is 1.5 ohm. This uses more power and will get hotter so that the oil is heated faster and you will get a stronger vapor.

The Omicron 2.5 is a great pen vaporizer that is great to take around, just be careful when it is in your pocket as it might leak.




Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Review

dr dabber

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Review

The Dr. Dabber Ghost is a vaporizer pen that is made for oil and wax concentrates. The Dr. Dabber Ghost pen is different from others. Here is a look at this vaporizer pen and how it differs from others.

The coil that is in each atomizer is made from high resistant titanium, which is wrapped evenly around a high quality wick.

The Ghost has been designed to work at lower heats so that more of the flavor is kept and the vapor is smooth. The coil helps the vaporizer to stay at the right temperature and the draws are even. This will also help you to avoid burning your material.

ghost vaporizer

You will need to load a small amount of concentrate on to the coil. When you give it a little power the material will melt down into the wick and the fibers will become saturated. The coil will then heat these fibers so that your oils will vaporize.

The Ghost vaporizer kit comes with 2 atomizers and each of these should last about 1 to 2 months.

There are plenty of accessories on offer from Dr. Dabber and one of these includes the glass globe attachment. This allows you to see the vapor as it is being produced.

Two other accessories that are worth a mention are the Percolator and the Recycler. These are glass pieces, which allow you to vaporize through some water.

The vapor that is produced is smooth and tastes good due to the coil and the low heat. Short draws will give you a light vapor and long draws will provide clouds of vapor.

The battery on the Ghost vaporizer is pretty good as it will give you about 200 to 300 draws on a single charge. It takes about 2 hours for the battery to fully recharge.

Overall the Dr. Dabber Ghost pen vaporizer is good. It has a good battery life, the coil is unique and the low heat means that you are unlikely to burn your materials. The accessories are also pretty cool and do not cost a lot, so you will be able to change the way you vape easily.


AroMed 4.0 Review

AroMed 4.0 Review

The AroMed 4.0 vaporizer is a table top vaporizer, which is not portable, but it is digitally controlled and is a highly accurate convection unit.


AroMed is an experienced company that has been in the vaporizing market for 14 years.

The AroMed 4.0 is a water percolation unit and uses a halogen bulb which creates some tasty and cool vapor.

The AroMed gets its heat from the UV free halogen bulb that is low energy, efficient and also provide quick heat up time.

At the back of the main box is the bulb which is part of the glass bowl and water filtration unit. The digital controls and temperature read out are at the front of the box. These parts are well built and sturdy.

The temperature readout is a seven part display and the main box is a pale metallic where the hoses attach.

When it comes to the hit, the AroMed 4.0 delivers. The precision control of the vaporizers halogen bulb can be turned down in small increments. The temperature readout also tells you the heat of the plant matter inside the bowl and not the heating element. This ensures that the whole system stays within degrees of accuracy.

The bulb is efficient and fixed above the bowl, which means that it only vapes when air is moving through the mouthpiece.

The water filtration doe smoke a difference, whether the vapor is filtering through the built in water chamber or through an attached ROOR Icemaster. The water is help to keep down dust and herb particles and any carcinogens are dissolved from accidental combustion.

Overall the build quality of the AroMed 4.0 is excellent, but it doesn’t look that great. The vapor that you receive is great. The only thing with the AroMed is that it is an expensive unit, but you are getting quality.


A Review of the Herbalizer


A Review of the Herbalizer

One vaporizer that is making waves in the market is the Herbalizer which is a desktop vape that has a dual function vape. This means that it can be used with either a balloon or with a whip. The Herbalizer outperforms almost every vape that is currently on the market in terms of both bag and whip modes. The Herbalizer also uses less material then other vapes which will then save you money in the long run.


The Workings of the Herbalizer Vaporizer

The Herbalizer is a simply to use vape. In order to turn it on you just need to open the device. When you have opened the unit, you will see that it splits into two separate internal parts. There is an aromatherapy part and the other part is for normal vaporization.

You will then need to choose which mode you are going to use. You will find that you will probably use the vaporization mode more often as this is the normal mode for vaping your herbs.

With the vaporthreapy mode there are only two or three settings you will use. You can use the whip mode by attaching the whip or you will use the fan so that you are able to fill up the balloon.

The freestyle mode is the third and this is where you will basically hook up the device like you are going to fill a balloon, but you will not attach a balloon. Turn the fan on and you are then able to fill a room with the vapor.

To activate either mode, you will need to load the chamber with your choice of herb, select the vaportherapy mode and then choose either whip or bag mode, and set your temperature. You will then either attach the whip or bag depending on the mode and you are ready to vape.

The Herbalizer also has a smaller chamber then most desktop vapes and it is also the first vape that uses a halogen light bulb to heat the herbs. The halogen bulb heats ups quickly and it will reach your set temperature in just five seconds. The temperature is also maintained easily which means that you know that your vapor is always at the right temperature.

If you wish to use the aromatherapy mode then you just select this mode and load up the aromatherapy pad that comes with device, close the unit and its ready.

The vapor quality is equal to that of the Volcano but it is able to do so much more than the Volcano. The Herbalizer is also smaller than most desktop vaporizers and does not look like your typical vaporizer.


Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

volcano vaporizer

Digital Volcano Vaporizer Review

The Digital Volcano Vaporizer is one of the most popular vaporizers on the volcano vaporizer

The Volcano Vaporizer works by blowing vapour into balloons with a built in fan. Once the balloons are full you can remove them from the unit and draw the vapour from them. The Digital Volcano vaporizer features a digital display and buttons that are used to adjust the temperature settings. You should allow the unit to heat all the way up before you attach the filled heating chamber.

The Volcano Vaporizer uses convection heating, which gives it some of the best vapour. The air around your botanicals is heated so that more surface area is heated and spread evenly.

The Volcano Vaporizer is built to last with a stainless steel casing. The parts are precision made and fit perfectly. There is also a three year warranty from Storz and Bickel on the Volcano Vaporizer.

The temperature range on the Volcano is between 40 and 230 degrees Celsius. You will be able to get a precise temperature with the digital display. It takes about three to five minutes for the vaporizer to heat up and there is an LED display that will indicate when it is ready. It is then able to fill a standard sized balloon in less than a minute. The Digital Volcano Vaporizer also features a 30 minute automatic shut off switch.

The Volcano Vaporizer can be used with two different styles of valves. The valve is what connects the balloons to the heating chamber and is what allows you to take draws from the balloon.

The Easy Valve Starter Set comes with five standard balloons. Each balloon will last about one to two and half months depending on use. You will also receive everything that you need to connect the balloons to the heating chamber.

You will need to replace the entire valve set though instead of just the balloons. Each set though will last about six months.




VapirRise Vaporizer Review


VapirRise Vaporizer Review

The VapirRise works through the use of stainless steel cased heating chamber with an internal fan in order to create pure convection vapour. You will need to preheat this unit before each use and set the temperature to 190 degrees Celsius, fan setting to minimum and let the unit run for about 3 to 5 minutes.

There are few different heating chambers top choose from for user customisation. Whilst your unit is preheating, pack your ground plant matter into the removable chamber. One the unit has reached the temperature; click the chamber in place and you can begin vaping.

The Rise is well built with high quality components and materials. The unit features a unique LCD touch pad display which is user friendly. There is a variety of accessories to choose from to customize the vaporizing experience.

LCD touch pad

You will get a flavourful vapour from the Rise. The Rise offers temperatures that reaches 204 degrees Celsius and offers the best tasting vapor at this temperature. The vapor is also light.

In the initial setup you will need some organisation because of all the parts; however it is to set up. The two large fan and temperature buttons on the display are easy to understand. Also the operation and maintenance of the unit is easy.

The Rise also has no glass components. Instead the unit uses surgical grade stainless steel which does the job and is more robust.

The Rise has ok temperature flexibility and with the LCD display touch pad you can adjust the temperature to the exact degree. The maximum temperature is 204 degrees Celsius so you will not get the full range of vaporizing temperatures. The vapour though that is produced at this maximum temperature is light and flavourful.