The Vaporizer for the New Year


There are plenty of vaporizers to choose from, but if you are looking for a vape that is made for dry herbs then the best are the Crafty, Mighty, Firefly, Pax and Launch Box. If you want a vape pen that uses wax and oil concentrates then you should look at DR. Dabber Ghost. Also if you want a vaporizer pen for dry herbs then the V2 Pro is worth a look.

Here is a better look at these vaporizers for the New Year.

Crafty and Mighty

The makers of the Craft and the Mighty are Storz and Bickel which are well known for Volcano and Plenty vaporizers.



These units perform as good as a desktop vaporizer but are smaller and cordless. The quality and performance is top notch for both of these and have the same herb chambers, but there are some differences between the two.

The first difference is the size. The crafty is a pocket sized unit and the mighty is a little bigger, but is still portable. The difference in size is owed to the fact that the Mighty has two internal batteries giving it 90 minutes of use and the Crafty with its one battery gives 45 minutes of use.


The Firefly is a sleek and elegant portable vaporizer that has a solid build. You will not have to pack a lot of herbs in the chamber and the vapor is strong flavourful.

It can be tricky to use this vaporizer, but it just takes some practice to get used to it.

Ploom Pax

The stand out features of the Ploom Pax is the sleek design, the size and it is easy to use. This is a great portable vaporizer that you can pack before you leave home so that you only need to take the device with you.

In order to get the best out of this vaporizer then it does need to be cleaned and a tiny drop of mouthpiece lubricant needs to be applied after 12 sessions.

V2 Pro Series 3

The V2 Pro Series 3 is a 3 in 1 unit, which means that there are different cartridges which you can use for vape e-liquid, dry herbs and concentrates.

This vaporizer is more to the lighter vape, but produces a smooth and tasty session. There is also pass through charging, which means you are able to use when it is plugged in.

This is a well-made and inexpensive vaporizer for personal use.

Magic Flight Launch Box

This vaporizer is affordable and is good quality with a basic design that has a few moving parts. This vaporizer can be tricky to use at first, but once you know how to use it, it’s enjoyable.

The vaporizer is perfect for those that are looking to have just a few draws at a time spread out over a longer time period.

The main features are that it works well with small amounts of materials and also heats and cools down quickly.

Haze Vape

The Haze Vape has a good build quality and a good battery life. Between the two batteries you will get about 2 to 3 hours of usage.

The performance and vapor quality is good and you can use it with dry herbs, oils or wax.

Arizer Solo

The Arizer Solo is easy to use and produces a good quality vapor, but there is a strong draw resistance. Also when it comes to portability it is a bit in the large side and is not really meant for on the go use.


Benefits of E-Cigarettes Over Normal Cigarettes


Benefits of E-Cigarettes Over Normal Cigarettes



When someone is looking to switch brands they always weight up the benefits of all the alternatives and this is the same when someone is considering making the switch from normal cigarettes to electronic cigarettes.

Electronic cigarettes are a practical alternative as they offer various benefits over smoking.

Here are e-cig benefits that will help you to know more about them.

E-cigarette Benefits

E-Cigarettes Do Not Smell

The fact is cigarettes do smell and then this smell gets trapped into almost everything including your hair, clothes and your car. Many people view the smell of cigarette smell as offensive and avoid close contact because of it.

As a smoker you are less likely to notice the smell, but to non-smokers and ex-smokers the smell is highly noticeable.

The smell from cigarettes is mainly due to the fact that you are burning tar and chemicals as well as the tobacco.

E-cigarettes do not have an odour as you are not exhaling smoke; instead you are exhaling vapour that then evaporates immediately.

Electronic Cigarettes are Cheaper

Cigarettes are expensive and the price seems just keep going up because of inflation and the rising prices of tobacco and the distribution cost. The biggest influence over the price of cigarettes can be owed mainly to tax.

E-cigarettes are however work out a lot cheaper. The entry costs of an e-cig starter kit can be initially expensive, but the month to month cost of electronic smoking is about half of traditional smoking.

E-cigs are not subject to tax at the moment and also as the technology becomes more mainstream the price will begin to decline.

E-Cigarettes are Safer

There is no hiding that smoking is hazardous to your health, but they are also a fire hazard because you need to use an open flame. 10% of all fire related deaths are caused by lit cigarettes.

With an e-cig you are not burning or using an open flame which eliminates the fire hazard.


There have been numerous studies that show how harmful cigarettes are and put you at a higher risk of stroke, lung cancer, heart attack, pneumonia, throat cancer and many more. This is because cigarettes contain hundreds of chemicals that are dangerous.


Smoking is viewed negatively by the majority. This is because of the smell and health problems that can be caused. There are new restrictions on where you can smoke and many public spaces have banned cigarettes altogether.

You are allowed to use an e-cigarette though in these public spaces a there is no smoke, but just vapour.